Vermont Bean Crafter's Bean Box is a curated selection of special beans from special places. By being a member you will receive a Bean Box every 3-months.

Each shipment includes:

6 pounds of distinct bean varieties 
1 pound of a special accoutrement 
(i.e. pepitas or a jar of unique herbs)
We will also be equipping you with recipe ideas and stories of the beans and the farms they come from.

Each bean box yields around 48 servings of cooked beans and costs $48 per quarter. Shipping is included in this cost. You will be charged quarterly, once your shipment is outbound. 

If you live nearby and are able to pick-up from us at the farm in Warren directly, there is also a local pick-up option for $38 per quarter. 

The current shipment dates are

January 15th - April 15th - July 15th - October 15th
If you sign up after a quarterly shipment date, you will be enrolled in the next shipment. For example, if you order on February 1st, you will not receive the 01/15 shipment, instead the 04/15 shipment will be your first.

If you would like to cancel or suspend your subscription at any point you can do so by emailing us at with "unsubscribe" as the subject.

Each quarter will feature distinct varieties of beans, amounting to 20 distinct bean varieties and 4 distinct accoutrements shipped to each member annually. 
If you would like to give a Bean Box subscription as a gift, we can email or mail you or the intended recipient a postcard announcing the gift and what's included in it.

Bean Box is a unique offering in that there is an emphasis on organic sourcing and transparency with each bag of beans.

While most of our beans are grown organically in the Northeast, not all varieties of beans grow in this climate and there are a range of reasons why a farm may choose to not be certified organic. In each case you will know what farm the beans came from, and a little bit about their story.

This Bean Box is our most recent project in our decade of work with beans. We are excited to connect more people with more varieties of beans and their stories. We this will all play a part in growing an appreciation for and access to these incredible seeds.
Nearly all of us come from culinary and farming traditions, at some point in our ancestry, that incorporate beans. The beans that grow best in the Northeast (phaseolus vulgaris) have co-evolved with humans for hundreds of generations. From their origins in the region currently known as Peru to the thousands of varieties that were selected for by traditional grower-breeders throughout the ages, we have been given a rich, life-giving inheritance. To do right by this legacy we owe it to the seeds to remain in relationship with a the great diversity of beans that have co-evolved with us as people, and to the culinary traditions that likewise unite us.

In a way, Bean Box is a love letter written in beans.
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Skunk Beans in Pods
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summer 2021
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