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Bean Crafter's first endeavor and the touchstone of our business is making value-added products for wholesale markets. Bringing nourishing whole foods to the public in easily prepared meal components. Our first such offering was Black Bean Burgers and now includes a variety of products including

Harvest Veggie Burgers, Falafel (sold as a burger and a fritter),

Muffin and Cookie batters.



In a nutshell, Vermont Bean Crafters takes local, organic vegetables, herbs, heirloom beans and grains and turn them into thoughtful, soulful variations of whole food plant-based products. We are a quickly growing business located at Kingsbury Market Garden in Warren, VT. Our products are entirely

gluten-free, vegan and gmo-free. We're all about making it easier for

folks to access good health while supporting regional producers and growers.

Black Bean Burger
Harvest Veggie Burger
Muffins + Cookies
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Dry Beans
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