These little buddies are magic. They cook in a fraction of the time as other legume varieties and are nicely filling without weighing you down.


We have evidence that wild lentils (lens orientalis) were eaten in Greece dating back 11,000 years. They were thought to have been domesticated in Sumer, what is now Iraq, in around 5,500 BCE, and have since become an integral part of cuisine throughout Africa, Europe, and India in particular.


The lentils we’re providing you were sourced through Timeless Foods in Montana. I can’t say enough good things about them. I learned about them through reading the Lentil Underground when it came out in 2016. Timeless Foods has been doing for decades in the Great Plains what we aspire to do in the valleys of the Green Mountains. I highly recommend the book. These lentils are grown on organic farms in far-sighted crop rotations in what had been for generations conventional large-scale monocrops of wheat. These are some inspiring legumes coming from an inspiring network of growers.


Lentils are my go-to legume when I haven’t planned ahead and either don’t have beans soaking, or don’t have time to wait an hour for a pot of beans to cook. Lentils by comparison can be ready in just fifteen minutes. This recipe is just a short and sweet meal I make every week or two when I don’t have the bandwidth to fuss with anything more involved. It’s a one-pot passive half-hour dish that can feed a family of four twice over.

Organic French Green Lentils