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Organic and Conventional Yellow Eye Beans

Organic and Conventional Yellow Eye Beans


Organic beans grown by Morningstar Farm in Glover VT. Conventional grown by  Green Thumb Farm, ME.


There are two primary types of yellow eye beans. The steuben are claimed by some to be older, they have a broader yellow eye that can radiate out from the hilum in little splotches. The Kenearly yellow eye is said to be an ‘improved’ variety out of Nova Scotia, selected for over time for its shorter growing season and more uniform maturity. These generally have a smaller ‘yellow eye’ around their hilum.

Some times we have latter is the type in stock, grown by Lover’s Brook Farm in Maine, where heirloom beans have been grown for decades. At other times we have the steuben variety, sourced from Morningstar Farm in Glover VT.

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